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How to know if you need your ducts cleaned?

Air Duct Cleaning Check List

If any of the situations sound familiar to you we recommended that you get your air ducts cleaned. Over time your AC will collect unwanted particles. When this happens the dirt, dust, and grime build up in your ducts and will be circulated throughout your home. This in turn makes you breathe in all the pollutants in your AC system. Another reason to clean your ducts is that your AC will run more efficiently after your cleaning. Which sometimes can lower your energy bill. Maintaining your air ducts is a crucial component to maintaining a healthy environment in your home that every homeowner should be aware of.

Duct Cleaning Services and Information

Why Should You Get A Licensed Air Duct/HVAC Company?

At Quality Air Duct Pros all of your AC Technicians have had years of experience and are committed to professionally and properly cleaning your air duct system. Making sure the duct cleaning company you decide for your home or office is licensed and insured is a must for any customer. 


Unlicensed and uninsured air duct cleaners can severely damage your air duct system by using vacuums too strong for your home air ducts. Which can and will tear your duct lining. Repairing a broken duct system is an extremely costly event which is why we urge you to always use professionals and avoid the low cost, one price fits all air duct cleaning scams.

The Air Duct Cleaning Process For Proper Disinfecting

Our Air Duct Cleaning Process consists of cleaning inside every single vent and the vent itself by hand, after doing so we apply a disinfectant that always comes with our air duct cleaning services. Then our experienced techs will reinstall all vent hoods and intakes. Cleaning our workspace and collecting our equipment is the last step of our process. Making sure your home is the way we found it is one of our top priorities.

How Much Does Professional Air Duct Cleaning Cost?

Air Duct Cleaning from a licensed company typically costs $450-$1000 per Cooling and Heating System. Any less and you should check their insurance. We are a licensed and insured company servicing South Texas since 1993. We have cleaned thousands of homes and businesses. We are looking forward to hearing from you to talk about your duct cleaning needs. Contact us at (210) 934-9444.